Welcome to the Calgary ATV Riders

2021 Stewardship Days

Even with Covid restrictions, 2021 was a very productive year. We were able to obtain a grant from AOHVA that facilited in the total repair of the Cow Lake Trail, and working with Trout Unlimited Canada planted 900 willows at various spots along the trail, as well as most of the Leseuer Trail, both are in very good condtion and now should just require some general maintenance each year for sustainablility. We also gave some love to Cabin Creek, Ghost Cross Country and Margaret Lake Trail. There is some equipment work still required but we are hoping for that in 2022. We also did the Ghost Pluz clean up again, and collected almost two full bins. Now we did almost double the area that we cleaned up in the previous year and got less garbage overall, so users are packing out what they packed in. With this past winter being very windy we were asked by Environment & Parks to help with blow downs, your club cleared over 300 trees to give access back to users. Please join us in thanking your wonderful volunteers, this years total was 76 volunteers who spent 876 hours on your trails and pluz system. Without them, this would not be possible.