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Public Land Use Zones

A Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ) is an area of public land to which legislative controls apply under authority of the Forests Act, Forest Recreation Regulation (343/1979) to assist in the management of industrial, commercial, and recreational land uses and resources.

  • A PLUZ is created for a specific land base and the unique conditions that exist within that land base.
  • A PLUZ is established to better manage Alberta’s busy landscape and the land use activities, including recreation that occurs in a specific area.
  • PLUZ conditions are designed primarily to protect areas containing sensitive resources and manage conflicting land-use activities.
  • PLUZs are not designated as parks or protected areas.

Currently, there are 19 PLUZs covering approximately 11,200 square kilometres (4,324.34 square miles) of public land in Alberta.

PLUZ Locations
Allison/Chinook, Athabasca Ranch , Blackstone/Wapiabi, Brule Lake, Castle Special Management Area, Cataract Creek Snow Vehicle, CoalBranch, Dormer/Sheep, Ghost, Holmes Crossing, Job/Cline, Kananaskis Country, Kiska/Willson, McLean Creek Off-Highway Vehicle, Panther Corners, Sibbald Snow Vehicle, Upper Clearwater/Ram, Whitecourt Sandhills Cross-Country Ski, Willow Creek

General Regulations & Guidelines

In the Province of Alberta, all visitors to a Forest Land Use Zone (PLUZ) must

  • Obey signs and posted notices
  • Obey the instructions of a Forest Officer
  • Leave the land in a clean and tidy condition

You must know and abide by the specific regulations for the PLUZ you are visiting!

Each PLUZ may have conditions and regulations that are specific to that land base. A map is available for you to find out more information about the PLUZ you plan to visit and become familiar with the provisions of the Forest Recreation Regulations.

When camping in a PLUZ

  • Camp at least 30 metres (100 feet) from lakes and streams.
  • Ensure your camping facilities are temporary and portable.
  • Leave vegetation and live trees undisturbed.
  • Limit your stay to 14 days.

Wildlife Management Units and PLUZs

Hunters are reminded that the boundaries of Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) and PLUZs may overlap and all — or portions of — WMUs may have vehicle access restrictions.

On- and off-highway vehicle restrictions apply in all PLUZs and may limit

  • Vehicle type and size
  • Trail access
  • Seasons open to vehicle use